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Delivering holistic fire protection solutions to South Africa and Southern Africa since 2010.


Fire Extinguisher

Fire extinguishers are your first line of defence against fire damage and help reduce fire risk. Not only do you need the right type of fire extinguisher, but you also need to know it’s going to work in that critical moment. That’s why you need Bizzy Fire Control.

Fire Detection

Fire alarms and fire detection systems are critically important to fire safety, allowing you and the people you protect the best possible chance of evacuating a building safely. Early warning from a fire detection system can literally be the difference between life and death. Bizzy Fire Control are leaders in the fire protection industry.

Fire Hydrant

Fire hydrants are perhaps the most essential piece of fire fighting equipment when it comes to a major fire outbreak. When the fire brigade arrives, they are relying on your fire hydrants to function properly without hindrance or delay.

Thatch Fire Protection

At Bizzy Fire Control, we have a variety of Thatch Fire Retardant spray and treatments in stock, which extend beyond walls and ceilings to timber, metal, fabric and specialist door upgrade kits. We also sell intumescent strips for fire doors, so that you can ensure your door and its surrounds are fully insulated and fire proof.

Fire Systems

Need a reliable fire safety installation company in South Africa to install your fire alarms, sprinklers or smoke detectors? Bizzy Fire Control can help. Our dedicated Fire System Installation Team will personally manage the installation of your fire safety equipment from start to finish.


Fire Protection Services

We install, maintain, repair or upgrade a wide range of fire protection systems and supplies for commercial, industrial and residential properties including fire extinguishers, fire doors, emergency lights, hose reels, smoke alarms, fire hydrants and more. Ask us about fire protection services for your property.

Need a fire protection company in South Africa? Our specialist team at Bizzy Fire Control are experts in all aspects of commercial, industrial and residential fire safety systems. We are 100% committed to the safety of your property, team, and residents. We are the fire protection company you can trust. Get in touch today and find out how our expert fire protection services team can help.

At Bizzy Fire Control we promise you’ll be provided with a high quality, timely, fire protection service that is excellent value for money. Our pro-active Customer Care Team will ensure your property and equipment are certified on time, every time.

Fire Protection Equipment We Install


  • Automatic Fire Detection Systems
  • Smoke Alarms
  • Fire Curtains


  • Sprinkler Systems & Suppression Systems
  • Pump Sets and Hydrant Systems
  • Hydraulic Design & Hose Reels


  • Fire Doors
  • Fire Dampers & Fire Seals
  • Fire Barriers and Containment


  • Extinguishers
  • Fire Blankets


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Reliable Bespoke Fire Protection Services in South Africa