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Wet Chemical Fire Extinguishers Johannesburg

Wet Chemical Fire Extinguishers

Wet chemical fire extinguishers Johannesburg ,Cape Town ,Nelspruit are designed to knock out fires that spring up in commercial kitchens, specifically grease and oil fires. Wet chemical fire extinguishers are suitable for putting out fires caused by burning fat, oil, and grease commonly found in restaurant kitchens.

If you operate a restaurant or commercial kitchen in Gauteng, Cape Town & Mpumalanga and want to keep your business safe, call Bizzy Fire Control. We can install a wet chemical fire extinguisher in your building so you’ll be able to knock out fires fast before they become major problems.

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Wet chemical agents form a salt compound that crusts over the flame, covering the flame and cutting off the oxygen supply to prevent it from turning into a blaze. The crust also helps cool the burning oil. Wet chemical fire extinguishers can be used to put out Class A fires, making them the perfect addition to any restaurant kitchen.

Prior to the development of wet chemical fire extinguishers, kitchen and grease fires usually ended in disaster. Trying to fight off a grease fire with improper equipment can be deadly—using CO2 can cause an explosion, dry agent fire extinguishers can spread the burning grease around, and water extinguishers can cause grease to splatter and erupt, causing a massive fire.

Wet Chemical Fire Extinguishers

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