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Fire Suppression Equipment Distributors Johannesburg

Fire Suppression Equipment Distributors in Johannesburg

Bizzy Fire Control provides a comprehensive range of Fire Suppression Equipment Distributors. It include high-pressure and low-pressure CO2 systems, clean agent systems, inert gas systems, water mist, foam, and dry chemical systems. It’s important to choose the right fire suppression agent for the specific hazard that needs to be protected. Our design team knows about the different types of systems and can help you decide which one to use.

Fire Suppression Equipment Distributors

In addition, we offer a full package solution, including design, equipment supply, start-up, and testing, making us a one-stop company for all your fire suppression needs. Bizzy Fire Control can help you protect your property and people from the damage that fire can do with our full line of fire suppression equipment and design services. 

Furthermore, we take pride in ensuring that all of our fire products and technicians are certified by both SAQCC and NFPA, ensuring the highest level of safety and quality for our customers.

Fire Suppression Equipment Distributors
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Fire Suppression Systems

As one of South Africa’s leading fire protection companies, Bizzy Fire Control is dedicated to safeguarding your company’s most valuable resources and critical facilities. We offer a wide range of services, including supply, installation, and maintenance, in the fire prevention industry and related trades.


Bizzy Fire Control


Our expert team provides fire protection engineering services that encompass full system design, installation, training, and maintenance, ensuring that our customers receive the most effective fire protection system available. With a wide range of equipment, fire suppression agents, and parts always in stock, we’re able to meet all delivery expectations and respond quickly to your fire protection needs. This ensuring that we have and always will have you covered. 

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