Fire Sprinkler System Installers Johannesburg- Not Sure? Give Bizzy Fire Control a Try.

Fire Sprinkler System Installers in Johannesburg

Our experienced technicians perform end-to-end Fire Sprinkler system installations and services. Whether you’re installing a new system or upgrading your existing one, we have you covered.

After over 11 years in business, Bizzy Fire Control has built a reputation for meeting our customers’ needs first. We do everything in our power to make your home and business as safe and code compliant as possible. Trust our certified team to help you design, install, inspect, maintain, repair, and recharge your  fire sprinkler system.

Fire Sprinkler system installers

Who Needs Sprinkler System

  • Supermarket
  • Shopping Centers
  • Shop
  • Server rooms and IT centers
  • Factory
  • Museums and archive storage rooms
  • Chemical plants, printing presses, and other industrial settings
  • Spray paint and auto body shops
  • Airplane hangars

Fire Sprinkler Systems Inspections & Testing

                                            Bizzy Fire Control is a leading provider in the region for fire sprinkler system:

  • Inspection & Testing
  • Service & Repair
  • System & Component Replacement
  • System Design & Engineering
  • New installation
  • System Monitoring

Our knowledgeable staff and experienced inspectors will work closely with you and your local jurisdiction to assist in meeting your sprinkler compliance needs. We understand that building owners and managers juggle dozens of responsibilities every day, which is why our clients’ peace of mind is a top priority at Bizzy Fire Control.

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