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Fire Pumps Johannesburg

Fire Pumps in Johannesburg and Nelspruit

Are you aware if your fire pump has been installed to safeguard your building, employees, and yourself in case of a fire emergency? The fire pump plays a crucial role in a building’s fire sprinkler system by supplying water to the sprinkler heads during a fire.

It’s important to have regular inspections and tests of your fire pump to make sure that your fire sprinkler system is ready to protect you when it’s needed.

At Bizzy Fire Control, we specialize in supplying, maintaining, and ensuring the proper functioning of fire pumps. Our company is recognized by both ASIB and SABS, and the professionals on our team have been providing fire protection services, such as testing and inspecting fire pumps, for more than 15 years. 


Fire Pumps Johannesburg

Fire Pump Testing and Inspection in Johannesburg and Nelspruit

Like all other fire protection systems, fire pumps can lose their effectiveness if they are not properly maintained.Fire pumps are especially at risk for failure because they are so complex and are especially vulnerable to things like corrosive environments, tampering, accidental damage, and careless use. Since fire pumps are typically kept out of the way and (hopefully) are not used very often, fire pump inspection is extremely important to ensure the pumps will respond the way they are supposed to.

Fire Pump Maintenance

Fire pumps must undergo regular preventative maintenance to ensure they maintain their effectiveness.Bizzy Fire Control offers fire pump maintenance services, including lubrication and coupling alignment.Routine fire pump inspection and maintenance are extremely important to ensuring your fire protection system will keep your building safe from fire at all times. If you want to schedule a fire pump inspection or fire sprinkler testing in Johannesburg,Nelspruit, or Pretoria, call Bizzy Fire Control today!

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