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Fire Hydrant Johannesburg

Fire Hydrant Johannesburg Cape Town & Nelspruit

You need a fire hydrant when a fire event strikes, having a reliable source of water to put out the flames can mean the difference between life and death.

At Bizzy Fire Control, our Johannesburg & Cape Town & Nelspruit based fire hydrant specialists provide the flow testing services that civil engineers need to ensure their firefighting capabilities are up to ASIB standards.

Fire Hydrant Testing Johannesburg, Cape Town & Nelspruit

Routine fire hydrant testing is required in order to illustrate that the hydrant is capable of providing water at an acceptable pressure and flow rate for firefighting applications. In some instances, city jurisdictions may require hydrant flow testing for fire sprinkler systems in homes and businesses. Fire hydrants are required to maintain a residual pressure of 20 psi and must complete a fire hydrant flow test once every five years to ensure compliance.

If your Johannesburg & Cape Town & Nelspruit fire hydrants haven’t been flow tested in more than five years, it’s high time you contact the professionals at Bizzy Fire Control for the service you need.

Schedule fire hydrant flow testing with our team by calling us at 011 024 3598 or 013 752 2199 or 021 023 0409 today.


At Bizzy Fire Control, our team has years of experience providing the extensive fire hydrant flow testing services that civil engineers need to ensure firefighting compliance. During our comprehensive testing, our team will collect the following information:

  • Date and time of last hydrant test
  • Hydrant location
  • Static reading of pressure in the system with no flow at hydrant B
  • Residual reading of pressure during flow at hydrant B
  • Flow reading at hydrant A
  • Water main diameter
  • Hydrant outlet size and type
  • Hydrant elevation

Through our detailed review, our team will be able to identify any issues in fire hydrant flow compliance, helping you ensure your city’s hydrants are capable of handling any emergencies that may arise.

Allow our expert professionals to carefully test the flow of water from your fire hydrants by contacting us for fire hydrant flow testing services today!


When it comes to Johannesburg ,Nelspruit and South Africa safety, no one cares more than Bizzy Fire Control featuring the most comprehensive fire hydrant flow testing services from a group of experienced fire protection professionals, our team has what you need to ensure total safety and compliance with your hydrants.

Contact us online or call us at 011 024 3598 or 013 752 2199 to schedule the fire hydrant flow testing services you need today!

Fire Hydrant


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