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Breathing Apparatus Sales and Services

Breathing Apparatus Sales and Services

Protective breathing apparatus is worn by rescue workers, firefighters or others to provide breathable air in life-threatening or unhealthy atmospheres.

We sell and service a wide range of breathing apparatus sets suitable for fire fighting, rescue teams confined space entry and other escape sets.

Features of BA

A closed circuit BA –  ideal for longer duration of gas e.g. mine rescue or in long tunnels. For instance this type of BA filters supplements and re-circulates exhaled gases.

An open circuit BA –  Mostly filled with filtered compressed air rather than pure Oxygen.

A typical open circuit BA has 2 regulators.

1. To reduce the pressure of air to allow it to be carried to the mask

2. To reduce it even further to a level just above standard atmospheric pressure.

Breathing apparatus

Servicing of Breathing Apparatus

Bizzy Fire Control has the expertise and equipment to check BA equipment. This is carried out annually. We currently completes our own sets as well as local industry including marine and factories.

Our Service includes

Service & testing of BA sets
Services rendered by our in-house SANAS accredited testing station
Refilling of BA & scuba diving cylinders
Visual Inspection & Hydrostatic testing of BA & diving cylinders
Service & repair of pillar valves & demand valves
Filling station up to 300 bar

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